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Canada Spends $85 Million In Internet Satellites For Rural Regions

SpaceX Internet rival and the Canadian telecom, Telesat, needs to link remote areas with its low-earth-orbit satellites. Now, it seems to have the support of Her Majesty’s management. The firm declared this week that it is joining hands with the Government of Canada to extend high-speed Internet all over rural regions. Over the coming decade, the government will donate $600 Million in Canadian currency towards the upcoming series of satellites by the telecom. An extra $85 Million of financial support will be employed to generate 500 new jobs, to promote STEM education, and to invest in R&D.

Canadian minister of innovation, Navdeep Bains, claimed that high-speed access to Internet is not a comfort, and that people in Canada must have access to it irrespective of where they reside. “This week’s declarations will offer us with a peek of what future connectivity of remote and rural areas will seem like. It will also makes sure that innovative Canadian firms, such as Telesat and its associate, stay world leaders, generating highly trained jobs in Canada,” claimed Bains to the media.

Telesat has made slow development in its objective of establishing a LEO (low-earth-orbit) collection of 292 satellites, planning to offer satellite Internet service by 2022.

On a related note, Telesat earlier claimed that it has inked a couple of contracts that can boost its objective to become a major player in the satellite Internet sector. It is aiming to establish a LEO network of 292 satellites, with Blue Origin (Jeff Bezos’ firm) assisting to set them up. Telesat will also employ Alphabet-controlled Loon’s networking system to make certain that the satellites operate in synchronization.

It is an interesting decision for Loon especially. Until now it has been best recognized for its balloons that offer internet connectivity from the sky, which can prove a principally impactful service in rural regions.

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